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Personal Training

Using my in-depth knowledge gained over the last decade in the fitness industry I am looking at creating a healthier and happier client.

Through the use of diet and nutrition advice combined with personal training, Smart goal setting and continued support I educate and assist my clients into obtaining and keeping their fitness, weight and size goals. 

All sessions are carried out in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  As you feel more comfortable and confident with your new body, you may wish to show it off and train outside and make the most of the rare sunshine and as always the fresh air!

Personal Training is about having a tailor made Programme for you to do, which is geared towards obtaining the goals that you have set.  So how do I do this?

Before we even meet I email you a pre questionnaire and a 3 day food diary for you to fill out which gives me most of the information I need.

Your first session is an hour and a half Long.  In this session we get the worst bit out of the way The dreaded measuring.  After that we say goodbye to those numbers, as the next time we look at them it will only be to see how much success we have had, and how many inches have disappeared!  We then discuss your goals, and together we agree on a realistic and achievable goal.  Once the goal has been agreed we then agree on a plan detailing how to get there.  This will leave us plenty of time to get a work out in and begin to fine tune the work out for you.

So how much does this cost?

50     1 hour training session (first hour and a half appointment is the same price)

450    Block of 10 training sessions


Sometimes working out with friends gives you the added fun, competition and motivation to keep going.  It can also make it a little bit cheaper if your budget cant quite stretch to personal training.

Small group training

30 Per  Person        1 hour training session for 2 people

25 Per  Person        1 hour training session for 3 people

20 Per  Person        1 hour training session for 4 people


You may only want a training plan or a nutrition plan to follow

30      Training session plan only (recommended update every 6-8 weeks.)

30      Nutrition advice plan


All costs are for Kent and South and Central London,  Other areas can be considered for an extra fee.


Payment rules

Single training session must be paid 100% up front, (you pay for your next session as you book it)

Blocks of training paid in full upfront.

All payments in cash.

Cancellation must be made a minimum of 24 hours before appointment.

Cancellation with in 24 hours consists of a 100% cost.

There are NO exceptions to these rules!


The only question to ask now is how do I get onboard become a fitter healthier and happier me?

Well this is the easiest bit just call me on 07531 885 661

If I am training someone leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I have finished.

or alternatively just fill in the form below and we can communicate via email.

Fill in the subject as Luke PT.