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There are people who I have met in my career as a fitness presenter that I look up to as role models.  These people have inspired me to push myself to become a more compassionate, attentive, and add greater dynamics to my presenting.  If you do my classes some of these names mean something to you as I use them frequently.

"My Mate Sandra..."

Sandra Williams Is one of the most powerful and dynamic women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and the privilege of teaching alongside. I am proud to call Sandra one of my friends and she has been partly responsible for pushing me to achieve all that I can in my career (that and the odd couple of bruises at our last combat quarterly ;0).  Should you ever have the pleasure of attending one of Sandra's classes you will be in for the ride of your life! Sandra is now southeastern regional group fitness manager for Virgin Active.



"Pete Manuel says..."

Peter Manuel, International Les Mills Master Trainer. As far as I'm concerned in my classes what Pete say's, goes!  Pete is the essence of a good BTS instructor and I try and do a class of Pete's as often as I can just so that I can get a work out in the way that only Pete can, and so that he can pull me up if my technique is bad so that I can be the best technician I possibly can be.  I also like to steal some of his teaching techniques to make my classes more awesome (shhh don't tell him!).


Darren Kelly

Darren Kelly was the first Les Mills Trainer I had the fortune of meeting.  Darren Trained me in BODYPUMP  and I was blown away by the power and stage presence he has.  I left after my first day of training with Darren, aching but with a clear picture of how I wished to teach in the future and looking forward to the next day of training.  Darren has left a lasting mark on the way that I teach BODYPUMP and can be seen on the instructor training video for BODYPUMP46 (well done!). Darren has now left the UK team to pursue other things. Darren I wish you all the best in everything that you do and keep in touch.



Dan Cohen

When I heard that I had Dan assessing me for for BODYCOMBAT I asked around about him.  Then I was Scared!  When I watched him I was just in awe at the way he moved.  As I had been told he was the most amazing technician. You see all those guys in movies doing martial arts but this guy is the real thing and makes them look second rate. Not only that but he was a nice guy and helped me to improve my technique and still does when I see him around (thanx Dan).  If I can look even half as good as this guy I will be happy! Dan is now a director of BODYCOMBAT along with Rachael at Les Mills in New Zealand, which means he is now choreographing the classes that you do and we teach, keep us working Dan you star! you will be missed at quarterly's. He is also now Co Programme Director for CXWORX.


Rachael Newsham

I had been waiting for BODYJAM to hit the U.K. for a long time.  Coming from a dance background myself I was looking for a trainer who could inspire me.  Rachael took inspiration to another level on the training course.  Rachael is an amazing mover but more importantly she doesn't make anyone feel that they aren't any worse than her, a page I have tried to copy from her book.  What Rocks?....BODYJAM  Who Rocks?....Rachael definitely does! As you read above Rachael along with Dan is now director of BODYCOMBAT the bad news is that I don't get to jam with her anymore at quarterly's the good news is that she is seen by the rest of the world as the awesome instructor she is! proud of ya! keep in touch babe. Rachael is also now Programme Director for Les Mills newest Programme SH'BAM the Latest dance inspired work out to hit the world.


There is another group of people who have had great impacts on my career and I would call them my teachers.  Whilst I inspire to be like my role models these people have given me my foundations on which to work up from.

Sue Bell

Director of EXERCISE CONNECTION.  Organiser of the infamous FITMOUSE weekends.  BTS assessor. Sue is well known in the fitness industry and has been and done almost everything there is to do (she probably started half of it ;0).  Sue was one of the teachers and examiners on my exercise to music course.  Sue is a real fountain of knowledge and I still run back to her when I have questions.  What she doesn't know probably isn't worth knowing!  Sue also has one other large title in my life, my BOSS!

Pam Howard MBE

What can I say about Pam?  Up until I was 21 other than my mother, Pam was probably the most influential woman in my life.  Pam has more than a lifetimes wealth of experience and knowledge in dance.  I understand she was one of the people who started the A' level in dance (she pushed me so hard in it I got a grade A!).   From ballet to contemporary, history to Laban notation Pam is a walking resource on dance that only a library could wish to be!  I also had the pleasure of teaching dance alongside Pam for a term in a secondary school where I still managed to learn a thing or two from her.  Pam is now one of the U.K's top consultants and advisors in dance.  She is so good even the Queen knows her!

If you happen to be of the people above and hate the pic I have used of you, or you don't have one, you had better send me one you like! Then I'll change it for you ;0)